Chocolate Chip Checkers Game

This post includes a free printable!

Chocolate Chip Checkers Game

This is an especially sweet version of checkers…
Use white and dark chocolate chips as your checkers pieces.

We have rules that are a bit different due to the nature of chips 🙂
Trying to remember what the regular rules are? Check this out for a quick reminder –

First of all, the objective of the game is to get as many pieces to eat at the end of the game.
In addition, whereas usually, if you reach the end of the board, your piece becomes a king. However, here you won’t king your piece, but instead you can just take that piece and add it to your captured pieces to eat at the end.

What you’ll need –
1. Our printable PDF checkers board, which you can get here –
2. Dark chocolate chips
3. White chocolate chips

Have fun!

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