Unicorn Mini Notebook

This post includes a free printable!

Unicorn Mini Notebook

Sometimes you just need a booklet to write stuff down, so why not have a unicorn on it?

Makes it that much cuter! 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need –
1. Our printable PDF sheet, which you can download here –
2. A white sheet of paper
3. A pink piece of stock card
4. A stapler
5. Crayons

Here’s how you do it –
– Fold the white sheet of paper into 4.
– Cut the edge to separate into pages, and to make it a bit smaller
– Now use the printable to cut the stock card to the right size
– Next, staple the card stock as a binder for the paper
– You can now color the unicorn
– Finally, glue the unicorn onto the cover of your booklet!

Have fun!

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