The Importance of Quality Time

Most busy parents are filled with guilt about their inability to spend enough time with their children.

But recently a lot of research has been done into balancing work and life, as well as the examinations of the effects of time spent with children.

The results are pretty surprising – it seems parents are spending plenty of time with their kids, more than parents did half a century ago.

Moreover, it seems that the amount of time spent with children is not as important as the quality of time that is spent. Just being around the children, or dealing with chores, or driving them to friends, don’t have that parental ‘magic’ that we’re hoping for.

It needs to be quiet ‘one-on-one’ time, where you do something fun with the child. This can lead to better behavior, better social skills, improved academic results and a happier home.

The time spent needs to be without cell-phones, without distractions and focused solely on your child.

Even a short amount of time can prove to be quite significant.

So stop feeling guilty, and start spending ten minutes a day with each child you may have. The results will surprise you.