Reggie’s World – Vol. 1

A Series of Science Comic Strips

Type of ProductPDF files. Available immediately upon purchase.
ColorFull color
Number of Pages22

What am I getting?

After purchasing, you will receive a pack of 20 funny and cute scientific comic strip featuring Reggie.

In the comics, Reggie answers questions like –

  1. How do automatic doors work?
  2. Why can’t we see the stars during the day?
  3. What makes bread rise?
  4. How do dry erase markers work?

…and many more!

What makes these comics so special?

In our house we a gazillion of information books for kids, because we believe in the importance and power of knowledge.

However, information books tend to be overwhelming and kind of boring 🙂

That’s why we started creating a comic strip which is short and funny, and is something children actually look forward to.

These comics contain 10% science, just enough to pique a child’s curiosity. The rest is 90% pure fun!

We find that reading the comics together with the kids is a great way to share a laugh and discuss the world around us.

How can I access the comics?

This product includes full-color PDF files. You can print the comics or view them on your phone, desktop computer or tablet with any PDF reader.

We hope you enjoy the series!

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