Get the Cheese Game

This post includes a free printable!


This is a cute game to play with your child.
You can make up your own rules of how to get to the cheese.

Here’s all you’ll need –
1. Our free PDF printable
2. Scissors
3. Cryons
4. Dice (two sets, if you don’t have two, click the link above for a printable dice PDF)

Here is an example of a set of rules we used –
You each throw the dice, and the higher number moves one step forwards until the winner takes the cheese.

Another set of rules we used, which is more complex is –
1. Only the player with the higher number moves his player forward
2. If both dice land on the same number both players go back to the start
3. The only way a player can move forward with a low or equal number is if that number leads precisely to victory.

Have fun!

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