DIY Toy Swing

DIY Toy Swing

Want to build a swing set?

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to build a diy swing for toys and dolls.

Here’s what you’ll need –
1. Eight skewers
2. A big chunk of playdough
3. A toilet paper roll
4. Scissors
5. Scotch tape
6. String

Instructions –
Take one of the skewers and break it in two.

Then, construct the base of the swing using the shorter skewers and two long ones, creating a rectangle.

Now, create with the skewers two triangles on the sides, which should be connected with one skewer on top.

Then, cut the toilet paper roll into small chairs.

Now you need to cut 4 pieces of string at an equal length.

Use scotch tape to tape one side of the chairs to 2 strings, and then hang the chair. Only then, tape the other side of the chair.

Finally, you can put the dolls or figures into the swing and enjoy!

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