Top 10 Activities You Can Do During Special Time With Your Kids

10 activities to do during quality time

Why quality time matters

Quality family time with our kids is important for their growth and development.  They learn how to interact in socially appropriate ways from their family first.  Family activities, besides being lots of fun for us as parents, can also increase kids’ motor skills and cognitive development. There are lots of benefits to quality time, so basically, it’s a win-win.

Special time with our kids doesn’t need to be expensive or include a ton of planning.  Some of the simplest activities can be the most memorable for kids.

This list includes some easy and inexpensive ideas for family fun and some activities that take a little more planning but are still easy and cheap to do.  These activities are suitable for the whole family, especially if older siblings help out the little ones, which will allow them to bond as well.

  1. Museum

Museums don’t have to be boring for your kids.  Many cities have children’s museums or regular museums that have a children’s section where you and your kids can play and complete hands-on activities together.  Aquariums, space museums, and dinosaur museums are also great places you can go to for special time with your kids.

  1. Board Games

Board games and card games are a fun and easy way to bring the whole family together.  Most games aren’t super expensive and are relatively easy to set up and play.  A designated board game night can be a great way to have weekly quality time with your family.  If your kids are young or you’re worried about traditional board or card games causing conflicts among siblings, there are games where the whole family works together to beat the game instead of each other.  A I-Spy game for younger kids or a mystery game for older children are just two examples of cooperative games that will super fun for you and your kids.

  1. Cooking Together

Having your children help you prepare dinner is a great way to have some special time together each day.  Even little kids can help mix together ingredients with your supervision and older kids can cut vegetables or learn how to make a family recipe themselves.  This is a great time to ask your kids how their day was and catch up on their friends and current interests.

  1. Treasure Hunt

While a treasure hunt takes a little more planning, it is still relatively easy to set up.  You can hide a treasure somewhere in the house and give your kids clues or a treasure map to follow.  An outdoor treasure hunt is also a great idea because you don’t have to hide a treasure anywhere.  Kids can try to find objects that are naturally outdoors like rocks, leaves, and feathers and check off the items on their list as they find them.

  1. Fair/Festival

While amusement parts can cost big bucks, smaller fairs or festivals are just as fun and a great way to create special memories with your kids.  Playing games and going on the rides together will bring you and your kids closer and create some great memories.  Fairs and festivals often have free admission and you may only have to pay for parking, food, and some of the bigger attractions.  These events probably only happen certain times a year in your area, so kids can look forward to the time you spend together on these special days.

  1. Camping

Camping is an inexpensive way to spend quality time with your kids.  It’s a great way for you and your kids to unplug from your devices and spend some time together roasting marshmallows over the campfire.  You don’t have to rough it completely either if you don’t mind spending some money to rent a camper.

  1. Seasonal Activities

There are so many times during the year where you can make special memories outside with your kids.  Watching the trees blossom in spring, going to the pool in summer, playing in the leaves in autumn, and sledding in winter are great outdoor activities to do with your kids.  Instead of watching your kids build a snowman, getting out there and playing with them will help you bond and make great memories.

  1. Arts and Crafts Activity

Art activities are great for promoting creativity and developing fine motor skills.  Working on a project with your kids will make the experience even more special.  There are ready-to-assemble kits available at craft stores, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on art supplies to have a fun time with your kids.  Regular household items like paper plates or brown lunch bags can, with a little paint, glitter, or construction paper, turn into beautiful works of art.

  1. STEM Activity

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities are great for all ages.  Not only will your kids learn during these activities, but you can work together to make amazing things and amazing memories.  Whether it’s building something or doing an experiment, STEM activities are readily available.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a kit, however.  Kids will love making slime out of common kitchen ingredients or building a tower out of newspaper.  Hands-on activities are a great way for you to work together to solve problems and be creative.

  1. Family Movie Night

Snuggling together in the family room watching a movie before going to sleep is a great way to have special time with your kids.  If the movie sparks conversation and laughter, it will bring you and your kids closer together.  To make movie night even more special, get on your pajamas, pop some popcorn or make hot chocolate and enjoy the time spent together.