1. Seeing my toddler walk for the first time with pure joy in his eyes!


  1. Simply being able to play with my little boy and not have to worry about working.


  1. Playing board games on a wet afternoon.


  1. Riding the train for the first time with my 3 year old.


  1. My girls achieving their reading goals.


  1. Having tea parties and dates with my kiddies.


  1. I read books a lot to my 15 month old. Yesterday we were Going through each animal in a picture book, and she said what the animal was and what sounds they make before I did!


  1. Morning cuddles with my favorite little guy.


  1. My 3 year old daughter realized that she hurt me when she accidentally poked me in the eye and instantly said “sorry mommy” and gave me a hug without having to be prompted or encouraged.


  1. Cutting the grass with my almost 4yr old son.



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