Why Reading With Your Kids is Awesome

Why Reading Together with your kids is amazing

My wife and I like reading together.

We find that reading together gives us something to talk about. It provides a common topic they we are both involved in together. It’s like meeting someone who had a hobby just like yours, or a fan of the sports team you love, or a nerd who loves comic books just like you.

That commonality makes you friends almost in an instant.

So recently, our son has gotten into reading in a pretty major way.  We used to read to him quite a bit, but now that he’s learned to read on his own we do it a bit less.

I can pretty confidently say that my new favorite thing to do as a parent is read to my child.

We still wanted those benefits of reading together, so we figured maybe we can read something together with him that is more fun as a joint activity. We started reading a book with a collection of stories children tell about their own lives.

We talked about the story and what went wrong for the main character, and whether the child in the story responded the right way, and what was heartbreaking and what made us laugh.

It was one of those moments where your child and you are on a level playing field, just talking like human beings, and sharing your thoughts.

It was truly wonderful.

Since then, we’ve tried to find short (!) stories that we can read together that are funny or engaging or fascinating in some way that gives us food for thought, and a discussion topic.

I can pretty confidently say that my new favorite thing to do as a parent is read to my child.

What gives you that feeling of seeing the world through your child’s eyes? Share with us!

See ya!

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