Listen to Your Kids


Hearing and listening are two very different things.

In today’s world we hear many things, but we rarely listen. This is just the way we deal with the information overload we experience on a daily basis.

Our children can at times also become part of the information overload. There are just too many things to take care of at any given time… too many complaints, too much shouting, too much of a mess around the house. So we tune them out as well. We don’t do it on purpose, It’s just a natural reaction.

That’s why daily focused and conscious ‘special time’ with the kids is a great idea. It enables us to listen closely and attentively for a set period of time every day. For instance, it’s worth taking time when kids come home, or during meal time, to be there mentally and really just listen, instead of loosing ourselves to the smartphone.

This way, we can know that we’re not missing out on important attempts of communication throughout a busy day, and children will feel they have someone who is always there to listen to them.

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