As parents we are constantly in the midst of a delicate balancing act.

Balancing work and home obligations balancing attention to different children, balancing investing time in family vs. time as a couple.

All this balance work can become pretty tiresome.

That’s why we’ve put together 3 simple stratagies that will help you find balance in life-

1. Keep it simple

Don’t stuff your day with a million different things. Do not over-schedule and multi-commit. There is no virtue in just being busy. There is virtue in setting a few goals and then achieving them. Furthermore, dont find yourself saying yes to things that will mess your day up and will ultimately harm you and your family.

2. Create healthy habbits

Habbits are great for avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed. Set a time on a daily basis for exercise, eating healthy, relaxation and time with kids. This will help you build a structure that can be maintained for the long run.

3. Be organized and productive

Create a plan for the day instead of reacting to what goes on around you. This way you will feel more in control and less of a victim of circumstance.

We hope you find these tips helpful.

Feel free to share in the comment section – what are your strategies for creating a balanced life?