Thank You for Stopping By!

Who are you guys?

We are JJ and Daniella Fund, and we are parents just like you, trying to raise our two energetic boys while avoiding the destruction of our home by their antics.

What is this website about?

We’re trying to make parenting more fun, and help kids feel more empowered.

How do you plan on doing that?

By helping parents spend significant quality time with their kids.

OK… What is this ‘quality time’ thing you’re referring to?

Quality time is spending a designated amount of time with your child (each child separately) doing something you both enjoy. It can be a short while, but it needs to be consistent. For instance, it can be an art project you decided to do together, or a book you both enjoy reading.

Either way, quality time is about spending time together, doing something that’s not chores, school work, demanding, screaming, fighting, or any other of the not-so-lovely parts of parenting and being a kid.

Sounds interesting. Where should I get started?

We recommend starting here.

Can I write to you and tell you my story?

Sure! We’d love to receive feedback from you! So feel free to be in touch by contacting us at-

All the best,

Daniella and JJ