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Parentip - monster in my room

Maybe it’s my fault my eldest daughter is a tad too girly. She’s inherited my disdain for all bugs with the exception of butterflies and ladybugs of course. Growing up in Florida where the bugs are gargantuan in size didn’t bode well for me but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to conquer my fears, especially if I’m armed with a full can of Raid. One night, I’d finally fallen asleep when my eldest taps me awake. “Mommy, there’s a monster in my room,” she tells me. Why I’m the one that gets woken up instead of her father, I have no earthly idea. “Ok, let me take a look,” I say and follow her to her room. “It’s over there,” she whines, pointing desperately at the corner. My eyes are bleary and nearly sealed shut so I do my best to pry them open and look for “the monster.” “There it is!” she screams. I look and it’s not a monster. It’s a bug. And not even a monstrous bug. It was a very teeny tiny moth.

But I played it cool and slayed the monster with my mommy superpowers! I tried to make out of it the biggest show possible and my daughter eventually joined in and assisted in capturing and killing the monster. The whole thing turned out to be very empowering for her.

The next few nights, she slept calmly and undisturbed!

Contributed by – sam