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Parentip - creative with food

My youngest daughter is a great eater…when she wants to be. This makes it even more difficult to please her though. You see her wolf down a plate of shrimp and think, “Great! The kid likes shrimp.” So you make her shrimp the next time and she shrieks in terror, “Noooooo! I hate shrimp!” Me: “But you ate all that shrimp the other day!” Her: “Yeah, well now I hate it.” Geez, thanks kid. She ate spinach without batting an eye on day. The next time I served it: “Ewwwwww! Mommy! I don’t like this!” For the record, I made it the exact same way as I did when she couldn’t get enough of it.

My solution – Make small changes on purpose. That way, it’s a totally NEW food she’s never had before, which she then gladly gobbles up.

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